SYSMAC offers you a wide range of Cooling Tower Parts.

Basin / Sump / Suction Tank

SYSMAC towers are designed such that they can be mounted either on FRP tanks (optional items) or RCC / masonry tank constructed by the customers / client. RCC / masonry tanks are recommended by us because:

• Cleaning of the sump is convenient.

• They are very economical as compared to FRP tanks.

• Sufficient water storage can be maintained.

• Proper suction connection to water circulating pumps can be adopted.

• A common tank can be provides for the battery of cooling tower.

• However, for customers who required FRP Basin, SYSMAC has designed the same. The blow-shaped FRP basin shall have a continuous depressed sump connected to suction tank provides in the center below basin. Intel, outlet, drain connection, water make-up and float valve shall be provides as standard.

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